No Bake Avocado cheesecake ????????

No Bake Avocado cheesecake ????????

The other day I had a good slice of Avocado cheesecake when I am having tea time with my girl friends, and they also love it ! When i let my girl friends to try my version of this cheesecake, they said the taste equally good to the original cake.So...
Category recipes2017-08-10 16:07:02
American Chocolate Chips Cookies   ???????

American Chocolate Chips Cookies ???????

This American chocolate chips cookies supposed to taste chewy but since my kids prefer to be crunchy, so i have to tweak the recipe to become crunchy cookies instead. My little son will non stop munching this cookie whenever i made a batch.I use the...
Category recipes2017-07-24 16:06:33
Nona Manis  ???????

Nona Manis ???????

I didn\'t know this Nona Manis kuih until my hubby brought back home from office. It seem this kuih is quite popular now. It tasted like kuih talam, nice and sweet pandan layer. salty coconut filling , just a perfect combo! When my SIL from...
Category recipes2017-07-17 16:06:51
Homemade Chinese Wheat Gluten  ????

Homemade Chinese Wheat Gluten ????

I have never thought of making this Chinese wheat gluten ( one of the ingredient use for vegetarian dish which is high in protein ) until recently learnt from my niece\'s MIL who is expert in making this Mian Jin ?? .Here is the recipe Mix 1kg...
Category recipes2017-07-10 16:12:53
Marble Chocolate Cheddar Cheese Cake ????????

Marble Chocolate Cheddar Cheese Cake ????????

Whenever i have extra cheddar cheese , sure remind me to bake a favourite Light cheddar cheese cake . But this time, added cocoa powder and create the marble effect, still taste very good!The extra cheddar cheese was leftover after made this cake...
Category recipes2017-07-05 16:05:58