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6 One-Pot Meals to Make Your Life Easier

Taking a leisurely approach to a meal?lots of time for prep and cooking, with cleanup no concern?is certainly welcome.
But life?work, kids, homework, volunteering, bill paying, cleaning?has a way of getting in the way of those hours-long meals. In its place there?s another solution that?s not take-out or freezer bound. Plenty of healthy, delicious meals can be prepared in one pot, going from kitchen to table to sink in a snap.
The benefits are many. There?s less to prep, so less to clean up. Many times these meals contain all the necessary elements?grains, protein, even vegetables?so have a built-in nutritional balance. And the range of styles and flavors in one-pot meals is diverse and eclectic?Italian, Indian, American, and Mexican cuisines, to name just a few, all adapt themselves well to one-pot meals. Here are just a few ideas to try.
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