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Basic Garlic Butter Tomato Sauce

Hey! I’m Lindsay.
I make a lot of garlic butter tomato sauce and put it on mostly everything.
What else do you wanna know"
It’s funny how this works, isn’t it" The week I made this tomato sauce for the first (and second) (and third) time, I had at least 500 neighbors and friends and relatives reach out to me and ask if I wanted some of their overflow garden tomatoes, knowing completely nothing of my new tomato sauce obsession.  A little braggy of them, if you ask me, but yes, I would like your tomatoes. I may not be much good at growing my own, but I can rock the homemade garlic butter tomato sauce game.
And speaking of. Is it really tomato sauce or more of a luscious one-pan-magic type of situation" These are the important questions in my life.

A week or so ago I made this garlic butter tomato sauce on my Instagram stories and a) LOVED your responses, and b) got asked this question: can you remove the skins and seeds"
This brings us to a very important fork in the road: if you are not big on skins and seeds, it’s time to swipe left. I’m not saying it to be mean. I’m just saying that the entirety of the sauce is made from cherry tomatoes, which are made up of 95% skins and seeds, so if you were to take all of that out, there wouldn’t be much sauce left. Blessings for your journey, seed-hating friends. We will see you next time.
Meanwhile, those of us who fall more into the Humans Who Like Eating All The Things category will carry on with skins (blistered, just a little bit, because we fancy) and seeds in our “sauce” which, as we’ve established, is not really sauce.
Chutney" Spread" What exactly do we call something of this velvety texture"

As with most of my favorite recipes, this one is very forgiving and adaptable. So if you truly want this to be a garlic butter tomato sauce for your pasta, girl, get after it. Just use some broth or water (or this is just coming to m...
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