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BBQ Pulled Pork

I put my had up and admit, I have come very late to the Pulled Pork party. It has been popular for a long time in North America and has gained in popularity here in the UK over the past several years.  I first had it about four years ago at my youngest son's home. He had made it in the slow cooker by pouring a can of DR Pepper over a pork roast and letting it simmer until it was falling apart.  Shredded and  mixed with BBQ sauce, it was quite good!

  I confess however, I am not a great lover of shredded meat.  It is a texture thing. I don't like long stringy strands of meat in my mouth.  Its partly texture and partly the fact that I am missing some of my back molars, which makes long strands very hard to chew.  (Even spaghetti!)

Truly authentic pulled pork is actually a barbecue dish, cooked for hours over a charcoal pit until it falls apart, ready to be easily shredded or ?pulled? apart to serve. Most people don't have pits to cook their meat in however, so we must resort to cooking it in the oven.  My heart longs to be able to try fire pit pulled pork, but this is the next best thing!

Rubbing your meat with a spicy mixture and letting it "marinade" in that mixture for a time prior to roasting it, is a great way to really get some fire pit flavour into the meat, and works a charm.  I do this in the refrigerator.  

You also don't want to use a really lean cut of pork.  It would dry out too much during the long slow cooking in the oven.  You want a cut that is succulent and that will fall apart beautifully.  Pork shoulder is perfect for this use.
While the pork is roasting, I make a flavourful homemade BBQ sauce into which I like to incorporate some of the pork juices that are gathered during the roasting process.  This really adds another level of flavour to the finished product, but if you are feeling lazy, you can use a bottled BBQ sauce.  I like Sweet Baby Rays.  Paul Newman's is also very good.
 As you can see I tend to leave the pork a bit chunky.  I like it that way.  (See above)  Mixed with the sauce and served on soft white buns, it is absolutely wonderful.  You could also serve some coleslaw on this if you were truly wanting authenticity.  I'll give you my recipe for a great version at the end.

On the day I served these I made homemade oven chips to have with the pulled pork.  I just cut some potatoes into thick wedges/strips and tossed them together with some garlic and onion salt, pepper and paprika and a bit of oil and then stretched them onto a large oiled baking sheet and roasted them in a very hot oven for about 20 minutes.  They were great! 

*BBQ Pulled Pork*Serves 6Printable Recipe 
Plan ahead as the pork needs to marinate in the rub for several hours  You will want to start this in the morning. This makes delicious sandwiches! 
You will need:2 1/2 to...


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