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Beauty Vlog: How I Do My Makeup

I’ve had some people ask me how I put on eyelashes or how I draw on my eyeliner or just what makeup I use so I thought I would do an entire video of exactly what it looks like! Please bear with me as I’m still figuring out this whole video stuff. Learning to take video of myself, editing the video, figuring out the lighting and pretty much everything I have no idea how to do…all while explaining how I put makeup on…it’s a bit overwhelming. But I’m having fun with it so I hope you guys are too! I have so much respect for the peopleon youtube or instagram that do this everyday because I felt like a mess. They are so badass.
Anywhoooooo, let’s talk about my favorite makeup! This is what I do for makeup whenever I’m taking photos or if I’m going out at night. When I’m not going out, I don’t put on eyeshadow but I still like doing the false lashes because it makes my eyes look so much bigger! ThisJane Iredale Loose Powder from Nordstromhas truly changed my skin and have fallen in love with it ever since I started using it around 2 years ago! I’m not sharing what I use to cleanse my face but you can see it all here! Definitely check out that post because it has what I do daily as well as what I get done regularlywith my esthetician! And if you want to read more about my microblading experience (permanent makeup) read this post! I’ve been absolutely loving it ever since I got it done and totally recommend it!
Makeup For Skin:

Jane Iredale Under Eye Concealer
Concealer Brush
Jane Iredale Loose Mineral Powder
Powder Brush
Jane Iredale Purepressed Powder
Dome Brush
Jane Iredale Highlighter

Makeup For Eyebrows:

Eyebrow Duo Brush
Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade

Makeup For Lids & Lashes:

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
Urban Decay Naked Palette
Liquid Eyeliner (this one has an angle to make it easier to put on! – see more favoriteshere)
White Eye Liner
MAC Studio Sculpt ...