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Bistro Breakfast

Bistro Breakfast straight from France is only 5 simple ingredients that include tangy cheese and savory bacon that is comforting and show stopping all at once!  Just layer and bake.

I have never been to France, but I am told their typical breakfast is espresso and baguettes or croissants. Well, I am here to share a recipe with you that I received long ago from a charming French woman. Madeleine was here vacationing (or ?on holiday?) with a friend of mine and insisted on making us an authentic French breakfast. So I am thinking coffee and bread. Sounds great to me. Imagine my surprise when she made this Bistro Breakfast using only 4 ingredients, and one of them was from a can! Not exactly what I was expecting. Anyway, Madeleine carefully layered the ingredients into several individual ramekins, cracked the eggs on top and placed them into the oven to bake. Well, watching her layer canned mushrooms, sour cream, Swiss cheese and then the eggs, I really wasn?t expecting too much. Where was the “pain au chocolat” (chocolate-filled croissants)" But after 20 minutes, Madeleine sure made a believer out of me!
There was a little bit of magic that happened in that oven because this Bistro Breakfast is one TASTY dish! I never would have believed it could taste this amazing. Somehow the ingredients meld together to create this wonderful little dish. It creates this kind of sauce for the mushrooms and eggs that is unbelievable. And it tastes very French. I know that sounds odd, but I really don?t have anything to compare it to in our country. You dig into the layers with your spoon and swoon. I have to hand it to her; I was completely dumb struck. The Swiss cheese makes it very nutty and the mushrooms from the can make it slightly crunchy. The sour cream thickens to give it a nice tang and then you have the smooth egg yolk trickling down. And yes, normally I would use fresh mushrooms and sauté them for the dish, but I really wanted to keep it true to her herit...
Source: Culinary Envy