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Chimichurri Loaded Sliders

Well hello there, you beautiful son of a b. I need to apologize for this post going up about 8 or so hours later than it usually does. The blog needed some updating and with updates comes issues. And learning a new skill. Which I suck at. I can work a skillet, but not a skill. You probably won’t even notice this update, but it’s pretty neat. Just trust me, ok!"! This relationship is all about trust. I mean, you are welcoming me into your kitchen, and all. Sooooo I feel like I enjoyed the long weekend a little TOO much. It was 4 billion degrees out and one day it was incredibly smoky and hazy from the fires in Oregon and California, so going outside just wasn’t happening. So instead, I ate. I got all sorts of candied peanuts while in Boise and I need to get those b*tches out of my house. They are so damn addicting! I can’t stop. My husband even had the genius idea of putting them into our coconut milk ice cream while we watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2. When he said that, I fell in love with him even more. Everyone has a love language and I guess mine is candied peanuts in chocolate caramel coconut milk ice cream language. I should write a new Love Language book and spread my knowledge to the world. Speaking of Guardians of the Galaxy 2, I’m obsessed. I thought the first movie was the best ever but the second one topped it. Especially since the intro is baby groot dancing. From now on, if I’m ever in a bad mood, I plan to watch that movie to simply giggle over baby groot. I want him as my pet. No, scratch that, I want him as my best friend. He’s such a gem. Whoever thought him up and created that adorable creature deserves a metal. They probably speak a beautiful love language. You know what I’m quite devastated about" Chris Pratt and Anna Faris being broken up. Cassy and I chatted all about how much we love them as a couple on my most recent podcast and everyone made sure to let me know that they are donezo...