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Coconut Cream Chili Mango Frozen Margaritas

In lieu of Cinco de Mayo, which is TOMORROW – holy sh*t…can we take a second and just sit in shock that tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo. I literally don’t understand time anymore. It’s insane to me. This weekend is also the Derby, which means a ton of people in Colorado go to a huge party and get wasted and eat the terrible food that is provided at the party. I feel very lucky that my friends still have some faith to ask me to go. Because I literally ALWAYS say no. The derby party is my personal hell. I’m not sure if it’s downtown but if it is, that means Cinco de Mayo AND the Derby parties will be going on, all while I’m trying to walk my way to the Rockies game. That’s so many people. And the introvert in me is already causing me to have sweaty palms.
Anyways, back to the point. In lieu of Cinco de Mayo, here is a little margarita for your soul! I haven’t liked tequila, like…ever. But this year, we’ve started to make our own drinks at home way more often and I think tequila tastes WAY better when you make the drinks yourself. And the thing I hate about most restaurants and bars is that they all use triple sec in their drinks. First of all, I don’t even know what triple sec is, along with most ingredients in fancy cocktails. But I do know that I think triple sec tastes like sh*t and ruins all drinks. As soon as you remove the triple sec, it taste 4 billion times better. So that’s my secret to a better tasting cocktail – don’t add bullsh*t that doesn’t need to be there! Easy peasy!
The next two weekends are going to be busy AF. We have two Rockies games to go to this weekend. Go sports! I have two brunches to attend so I can catch up with friends that I haven’t seen in a hot minute. Then we are going to visit our friends who just popped out twins ANDhave a toddler. Insane. Could you imagine that" That’s so many tiny humans demanding your time and boobs. We al...