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Creamy Herb Dressed Lettuce Steaks

 Its hard to believe that August is already here and our salad days will soon be winding down and we will be moving into a type of autumnal/harvest kind of cooking!  I want to wave a magic "time-stand-still" wand over August and keep it with us for much, much longer than it usually stays.  Why is summer always so slow to arrive and in such a hurry to leave!!

I love Iceberg Lettuce.  It has such a lovely benign flavour  . . .  not too sharp, not bitter . . .  just right.  I am afraid it gets a bad rap these days.  There are so many other lettuces available with prettier rufflier dresses, more colourful and flavourful to be sure.  Don't ever underestimate the appeal of Iceberg Lettuce however  . . .

 Its crisp and never limp.  It has a beautiful crunch and mild flavour, and it never, ever wilts under pressure!  It can stand up to the most robust of flavours and ingredients very well, thank you very much!  It is the lettuce of my childhood.  We never ever had anything else, except for maybe leaf lettuce from the garden . . . and to this day iceberg lettuce is the only lettuce my mother will eat.  She totally eschews any other kind.  That is just one of my mother's best qualities. She is loyal to the core . . .  to political parties, to grocery shops, to hair dressers, to cars . . . and yes, to lettuce. God bless you mom. We love you.

Seriously though, there is nothing, and I mean NOTHING on the planet that can compare to the beauty, flavour and crunch of a salad made with iceberg lettuce, especially when presented with and served with the most perfect accompaniments. That's one of the beauties of iceberg lettuce.  It never minds sharing the plate with a willing dance partner, and it goes very well with lots of other flavours.  It is like the chicken breast of the lettuce world. It makes a beautiful canvas.

In this instance  I have cut the lettuc...