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For the First Time Ever

Out of office! And for good reason.
For eleven years now, we’ve been going to a cabin with my family and spend the better part of ten summer days boating, eating lunch on the dock, reading, and picking wild blueberries so we can make blueberry pancakes when we wake up at 9am. We = me.
It’s a slow and peaceful season that I look forward to literally all year long.
But ever since Pinch of Yum came into existence five years ago, this time at the cabin, for Bjork and I, has still been a time that almost always involved some amount of work. Early morning drives into town to connect to internet at the library and respond to urgent emails, late night work editing photos and drafting posts after everyone goes to bed…
Bjork and I talk a lot both in person and in our posts about the elusive art of Balance, about using the flexibility of owning an online business to spend time with family and friends and what a true blessing it is to be able to do that. But the reality is that we’re not always very good at practicing what we preach. We believe in hustle and hard work, and without that, Pinch of Yum would never have become what it is (um, yeah –> my FULL TIME JOB – still so weird to say that). But we also believe in family, relationships, and rest, and because we love what we do aka become obsessed with things easily and sometimes tend towards insanity, sometimes it’s hard to actually put those beliefs into practice. So this week, for the first time ever, I’m proud to tell you that I’m taking a real break from Pinch of Yum.
A REAL break – the kind where I don’t schedule posts in advance, I don’t keep my phone/computer/camera attached to me at all times. Although… the camera. I can’t promise for sure on that one.
I could have (and almost did!) schedule posts to go out this week while we’re here. But the truth is that even if I loved the recipes that I was sharing, I would’ve sat ...
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