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Grocery Store Staples Series: Whole Foods

I’ve been planing to do this post FOREVER so I’m excited to finally kick it off! I always get questions about what items I pick up while I’m at a certain grocery stores so I thought it would be fun to show you exactly what I look for when I’m at the store! And I plan on doing an entire series of different grocery stores over time, so stay tuned for those! Whole Foods is the store I shop at the most. They are super close by and I can always find specific items that I can’t always find in other stores. And sometimes when I’m in a pinch, I’ll pick up some of their sushi, something from the hot bar (when it’s not cooked in canola oil) or make a taco bowl at their burrito lunch station! And what’s exciting about Whole Foods nowadays is that they were just bought out by Amazon. We don’t know what that will mean long term, but I’ve definitely noticed in just the last few weeks that prices have begun to drop! When I was just there the other day, I swear probably 50% of the items I was looking at had markdown sale prices on them. And one of the butchers was telling me about a price on some high quality meat dropping by almost 50%! So hopefully this means more and more people will be able to afford items that make eating healthier more enjoyable! So let’s get started! Don’t forget – every Whole Foods is different and carries different items. So what you see at one, you might not see at the other. But if your Whole Foods is missing something and you want it really really bad, just ask! Ask and you may receive! And I’m sure that company will be very happy to hear that a different Whole Foods picked them up! Whenever I head into Whole Foods, I always start at the produce. Whole Foods has a ton of veggies that are pre-cut and I’ll often pick up pre-cut brussels sprouts and zucchini noodles just because it saves a ton of time in the kitchen, so it’s often worth the extra money to me. I also love having easy vegetables on hand, so I always pick up Love Beets which are cooked and peeled and then I grab Mann’s Culinary Cuts butternut squash fries. Both of the items don’t have any hidden ingredients added to them, they are just simply veggies. And when I’m not in the mood to cook or do much prep, I always have a veggie option on hand! After grabbing those pre-sliced or pre-cooked veggies, I’ll grab my other favorites like carrots, kale, asparagus, baby potatoes and whatever else is in season! Then what I love about my Whole Foods is I can grab a BIG bag of arugula which is bigger yet cheaper than containers. I go through a couple bags a week so I always grab quite a few bags. Two other items I can almost always rely on my Whole Foods having is plantains and white sweet potatoes, two starches I love the most! For me, I’m not a huge fruit person. I only really use frozen bananas in shakes, which I don’t make too often. And IR...