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We were able to partner with AllModern to help us furnish the space, so pretty much Anything cool you see in these pictures is probably from them. ?
TWO YEARS. This post has been almost two years in the making.
On November 1st, 2015, we got the keys to a stunning studio space in Minneapolis with 12 large windows and 3,000 square feet of original hardwood floor, brick, and exposed beam ceilings. It was incredible.

Also: incredibly overwhelming.
This studio is literally three times bigger than the livable square feet in our small 1940’s house, and we moved in with exactly zero pieces of furniture to get us started. Bjork and I had never had a physical office before besides our kitchen table at home. It was a dream – but a dream that didn’t quit, considering we needed to reconfigure the space for new light fixtures, “walls”, and electrical stuff in the kitchen.
And the process still hasn’t ended even after six months, twelve months, and now almost two years of set-up. I have been waiting to do this “reveal” until we were totally ready – you know, the day when you finally feel like everything is just perfect and your ultimate vision is finally achieved. But – surprise, surprise – we’re two years into our lease and that day has yet to come. I look around at this industrial-meets-modern-meets-practical space and I feel a huge sense of pride, and I can also easily spot anywhere from 750-1,000 outstanding projects that still need to be both started and finished. It’s beautiful and I love it AND I still have so much more I’d like to get just right. Gah. Is it just perfectionists that struggle with this"
There’s probably a lesson in there somewhere – something about how it’s the journey and not the destination" even in interiors, design, and the creation of a space" But that sounds too serious. This post is not to talk about lessons.
This post is to throw ope...
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