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Indian Dessert Sakhar bhat / Kesar bhat

Sakhar bhat :A popular dessert cooked in many states in India known by different names is prepared using long grain rice(Basmati rice) cooked with Saffron and sugar using generous amount of ghee.

This dessert relishes my childhood memories. Most of the time ‘Sakharbhat’ which is our traditional dessert is being served for Boufet, specially hindu weddings in Goa. Sakhar means Sugar and Bhat means rice. Hence the name ‘Sakhar bhat’.

There is one comedy associated with this sweet as told by one of my Catholic Goan friend. Once he had to go for wedding of one of his hindu friend and saw this Sakharbhat on Boufet table. Prior to that he never had tried it out and didn?t know what was it called and thought, must be some kind of pulav and took lots on his plate and topped it up with some gravy. The moment he put it in his mouth, his eyes rolled over. Couldn?t even throw it away as hundreds of guests were around. Somehow managed to finish and learnt from others that it?s a dessert and not the main course. The moment he told me, I had a hearty laugh and still remember the incident.
Sakhar bhat is not only prepared in Goa, but in many other states in India , known by different names. In Maharashtra, people call it Kesar bhat (Kesar meaning saffron and bhat is rice). Anyways, this Sakharbhat which is supposed to be a traditional Goan sweet is kind of disappearing from the menu nowadays and has taken its place by modern desserts like pudding, custard, ice creams etc. I can?t really associate one person with this recipe, but it has been carried over in our house from generations. Learnt it from my mom and she of course from her elders.
Note: Though I have skipped cloves, you can add 4-5 cloves while frying nuts, to get extra flavor.

Preparation Time: 20 Minutes
Cooking Time : 20 Minutes
Serves :6 People
Ingredients : 

1 Cup Basmati / Long grain rice
1/2 Cup Ghee / Clarified butter + 1 Tablespoon Extra
1 Cup Sugar
1 Generous pi...
Source: Poojas Cookery