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Instant Pot Carnitas

Well hello, darling beautiful face. It’s a sad day today, mostly because we don’t have The Bachelor franchise to gossip about. What the hell else are we going to talk about"! Well, maybe it’s the first time I actually talk about a recipe. Who woulda thunk"
Not me. Talking about recipes is boring. EATING recipes is the absolute best. And I’ve been doing lots and lots of eating this past week. I’ve been in La Jolla and San Diego and trying every last bite of food possible. It’s quite lovely. But I’m super excited to get back home tonight to routine, more vegetables, and my puppy dog! The hotel I’m staying at right now is actually dog friendly and makes me want to bring Jackson every where with me. But I don’t know flying rules and I think he would freak TF out if I tried to put him in his crate and shove him under the seat. Jackson is too much of a spoiled only child for that.
Ok wait, back to the recipe. You guys requested instant pot recipes so I’ve been trying to come up with more and more which aren’t all soups and stews. I love soups and I love stews but it’s been 70 degree weather in Colorado lately and that kind of meal isn’t really appealing to me at the moment. So I thought why not try shredding up some meatand seeing what happens. Luckily, it worked out quite well and I wanted to make out with this pork. And I did. Gross. But no seriously, I couldn’t stop eating this. Which wasn’t helpful since I made Carnitas Nachos with this meat. Not to worry, I’ll be sharing that recipe on the blog tomorrow! But wait, who cares about food. Let’s go back to The Bachelor franchise for just one hot second. So hopefully you follow Kaitlyn Bristowe on snapchat or instagram because I do and I totes want to talk about her freezing her eggs. From what I gather, it’s a sponsored type thing, but man it looks miserable.Like, REALLY miserable. And it got me thinkin...