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Italian Flag Lasagne

I adore Lasagne. I know you must get tired of me saying that I adore things, but what can I say"  I put my hand up!  I am a foodie through and through and I like and adore lots of things!

Lasagne wasn't something I ever tasted when I was growing up.  It just did not exist in my world.  Spaghetti served with tinned Catelli meat Sauce was as "Italian" as my mother got!     My ex Sister in Law Linda made fabulous Lasagne.  It was just wonderful and had a delicious filling of cottage cheese.  It was made very much in the North American way, which had layers of meat sauce, cheese, and cottage cheese with a final topping of the meat sauce and some mozzarella.  Not cheap to make by any stretch, but very delicious.

When I moved over here I got to experience a more authentically Italian type of lasagne . . .  one layered with sauce (meat or otherwise), cheese and a rich bechamel sauce. Seriously tasty.

This vesion here today is a totally vegetarian version, consisting of a delicious tomato sauce, a rich bechamel, all layered with thawed frozen leaf spinach and cheese.  Do make sure you squeeze as much water from the spinach as you can so you don't water down your lasagne.
I call it Italian Flag Lasagne because it contains all the colours of the Italian Flag.  White, red and green!  The tomato sauce is a simple one.  Use a good Italian tomato for the best flavour.  There is no meat in this sauce, so you want to use a tomato that will really shine!

I also like to use full fat milk for the bechamel.  It adds a special depth of richness and flavour. This is lasagne and its supposed to be a treat.  You can use whatever cheese you want, but I always use Parmesan and Mozzarella, and today I added feta and some sharp cheddar.  The feta because it needed using up and the cheddar for the flavour. I find while it has great melting properties, Mozzarella doesn't r...