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Jam Glazed Almond Cake

Today I decided to bake us a cake.  I normally like baking a cake at the weekend.  It seems the perfect time and as today was a rather blustery and rainy day, a delicious cake was just the ticket to make a gloomy day all the better.

I found a delicious looking recipe in a Tamasin Day Lewis cookery book of mine, entitled, "Supper for a Song."  Its filled with lovely recipes that are economical and delicious.  I think Tamasin is a fabulous cook and largely unknown outside of our borders.  I have all of her cookbooks and they never fail to inspire me.

This book is one of my favourites, with decadent recipes and beautiful photographs. Not sure how economical some of the recipes are, but they are all taste-tempting at any rate and she does manage to squeak everything she can from a roast chicken.
We totally adore almond cakes . . . . cakes where they use some ground almonds to replace some of the flour. We love the density it brings to a cake . . . you grind the almonds yourself for this cake, marcona almonds . . .  lovely and almondy.  So fresh. If you don't have marcona almonds you could use any blanched almond, and in a pinch, already ground almonds, but you really need to try it this way once.  Trust me on this.
We also totally adore jam in any way shape or form, and this cake has a beautiful glaze of jam.  You can use whatever kind of jam you like.  I used sour cherry today because that is what I had and cherry flavours go very well with almond.

The cake turned out to be a truly beautiful cake with a tender and moist crumb, just a bit dense  . . .   the jam gets warmed with a bit of water  and spooned over the warm cake . . . it soaks in a teensy beensie bit and dribbles a bit over the edges.  In short.  Perfect. 


*Jam Glazed Almond Cake*
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