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James Cagney Eggs

This is really such a simple dish, and lives in many places.  Also known as Egg in the Hole, Egg with a Hat or Gashouse Egg, this is a simple and filling dish that pleases people on many levels.  Essentially it is fried egg toast . . .  the unsophisticated sister of French toast . . .  or the country cousin to that old city mouse.

As simple as it is however, it is also capable of bringing delight to those who sit down to enjoy its pleasures.  I like to dress it up a bit . . . sophisticate it a little . . .  with a few additions.

Perhaps that is what makes this the "gangster" cousin of Egg in a Hole.  It is just a simple addition of some garlic powder and some hot chili flakes . . . 

But it works beautifully.  You get a nice slice of fried bread, with a tasty runny egg fried into the middle of it and that toasty little round of fried bread that you can slip on top like a hat.

No wonder children love it so much  . . . and with these simple additions grown ups can fall in love with it all over again.  Of course . . .
The use of a great Artisanal loaf also helps to up-date/grow it up as well.  I like a good sour dough loaf.  Oh boy but it is some good . . . the little bit of heat and spice from the chili flakes is really nice . . .  but don't go over-board.  I suppose if you wanted to you could add a splash of hot sauce . . . and I always like to sprinkle a bit of chopped fresh parsley on most things.  Its a nice way of dressing up even the simplest things without changing out the flavours much. 
 That buttery crisp bread . . . the slight whiff and taste of the garlic.  You could use real garlic, but I find that the powdered garlic works just fine and you don't have to worry about it burning.  Burnt garlic has a bitter quality that is not very nice . . . the hardest part is timing the cooking of it so that the egg stays runny.  Yum!

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