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Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook “Peanut” Butter Cream Pie (+ This Weeks Book Tour Stops)

You guys, I must love you very very much to be sharing such a special recipe withyou guys from my newest cookbook, Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook. But I’m feeling super excited about this book and incredibly happy about all the people who preordered it and shared their pictures on social media yesterday! So you got me inspired to share one of my favorite desserts from the book, my “Peanut” Butter Cream Pie! My ultimate favorite dessert recipe in the book is still the Flourless Chocolate Layered Cake, but this takes a close second.
When I first made this dessert almost a year ago, I absolutely loved it, but it needed a little bit of help in the beauty department. That’s where Hayley came in. When I wrote and created this book, I worked with Bill and Hayley of Primal Palate to get the photography just perfect. And to get some food pictures styled just right, that’s where Hayley hits the nail on the head. Is that a good analogy" Whatever. It may be because her background is in professional makeup so she’s use to taking some sketch ass looking things and making them beautiful, but either way, she is amazing at both face styling and food styling. So as I made this cream pie, she helped pipe the whipped creamand drizzle the chocolate, while I was pretty much just ready to throw it on a plate and hope for the best. She really made this pie so beautiful, we barely wanted to eat it. For about 3 minutes….until the photos were done…then we devoured it. Bill even said that he wished this recipe was in their book, which is a HUGE compliment since their recipes are so outstanding. Working with Bill and Hayleyreally got me so inspired to challenge myself to get better at both cooking and food styling. As creating this book has come to an end, I continuously want my own food photos on the blog to get better and better and match the beautiful style they created throughout the book!
Can you tell I’m a little emotional a...

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