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Korean Buttercream Flowers Cake ????????

I also followed the latest trend to make a popular Korean buttercream flowers cake for my elder sister's 50th Birthday. I didn't attend any buttercream flower class but instead i learnt by myself through many videos shared in Youtube.
What is Korean buttercream flowers" according to this Chinese website, Korean buttercream flowers are derived from the basic Wilton buttercream flower and re-created by Korean housewives. As most of them have no time to take the time consuming Wilton buttercream courses, hence they just used the basic buttercream flowers technique and improved the colour variations and made changes on the nozzles, and created their own version of buttercream flowers.

This cake topper was DIY by my daughter
For the buttercream used, Korean bakers are using Italian meringue buttercream (IMBC). But i still prefer to use Swiss Meringue buttercream (SMBC) which is stable (even IMBC is stable too) in our hot weather here (example Barbie doll cake that i made last time) and it is easy to make if compare to Italian meringue method. Also the egg white is cooked using Swiss meringue method, so it is safe to consume. Anyway, some said using IMBC is more stable compare to SMBC, next round i should give a try using IMBC.   And i have came out with a SMBC recipe that work well every time i made, step by step recipe is in my old post here. The rule of thumb is you have to beat the buttercream till curdled (many people tried to avoid this buttercream turned curdled but Not me) and beat over icy water (ice cubes and water).

As for the butter, I find the butter that i used was quite yellowish, next time will try to use lighter colour of butter example French butter. As I know, the Korean bakers are using white butter which we can't find this type of butter here , not sure the butter they used is similar to shortening or not. 
Since i used the real butter to make the buttercream, so it was quite hard to achieve nicer colour tone since the b...
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