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Lemon Amaretto Cakes-Gluten Free

There is a possibility that I might be a coeliac.  At least that is what the specialist said the other day.  I have all of the symptoms, but have been treated for having IBS for about 5 years now.  The symptoms are very similar.  I did a reckie around the grocery store today and there is not a heck of a lot for coeliac's.  There's a bit, but what is there is very expensive.  I picked up some gluten free self rising flour and a box of cereal, but seriously . . .  they wanted almost 3 for a loaf of bread.  (That's like almost $4.51 American or $6.01 Canadian.) I don't know how people cope.  It's outrageous!   I really hope I am not.

I thought I might try baking a Gluten Free cake or some such.  I looked at one recipe and it would have cost me a virtual fortune by the time I baked the one I was looking at.   I would have spend almost 6 on ground almonds alone, not to mentio half a dozen large eggs and all the other bits in it.   I can't afford that  . . .  as lovely as it looked.  Then there is the sugar  . . .
I found this recipe in a gluten free baking book by Hannah Miles.  (Remember she was first runner up in Master Chef  2007 and her cakes are lovely.   It's called The Gluten-Free Baker.  It has a lot of sugar in it (1 1/2 cups altogether plus 1 TBS), so I was only able to have a tiny taste, but I can tell you from the tiny taste I had . . .  they are totally gorgeous!!

She baked hers in tiny loaf tins.  I chose to bake mine in muffin tins because I was too lazy to cut out baking paper to fit into the loaf tins . . .  and if I did muffin cakes then I could use my cupcake papers.

The cakes are really moist and lemony flavoured.   A lot of the moistness comes from the amaretto syrup drizzle you spoon over the hot cakes when they come out of the oven.   It soaks all down into the cakes . . .


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