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Macaroni, Cheese and Tomato Bake


 There is one ingredient that I am never without in my store cupboard and that is tinned tomatoes.  I just adore tinned tomatoes.  They are an ingredient that I use often in my recipes and I confess . . .  on a hot summer's day nothing is nicer than to sit down to a bowl of chilled tinned tomatoes and a slice of bread and butter!  Nirvana!  To me this is bliss.  Tomatoes  picked right at their peak of freshness and then preserved for us to use at will.  This is one ingredient you will never find lacking in my kitchen, end of . . .

I was recently sent some  Tarantella Organic Tomato products to use in my cooking and I was just thrilled, especially as I use tomato products often in my cooking.   I had purchased a tin of these tomatoes just recently while they were on special at the shops, but had resisted buying more because they were not a tomato brand that I had ever really used before.   After having used them, and learning more about them, I now wish I had stocked up.
The Tarantella brand demonstrates real Italian passion for food and takes pride in bringing you the best tasting tinned tomatoes, passata and paste. Tarantella tomatoes are raised by Mother Nature with help from the rich Italian soil and hot Mediterranean sun and harvested at their optimum so that they are ripe and juice, which is why they taste so delicious.

Tarantella's tomato range is recognised for its characteristic rich, thick, high brix tomato juice; a great base for Italian inspired recipes including soups and sauces.

Canned tomatoes, passata and paste: 
Organic Passata
 Organic Tomato Paste
Organic Chopped Tomatoes
Organic Peeled Plum Tomatoes

Tarantella canned tomato products have been around since 1892.  Authentically Italian, they are
sourced from the heart of Italy,  naturally produced with no additives or fertilisers and no pesticides.  They are also GM free