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Malay Style Spicy Mee Hoon Goreng ???????

Usually i like to cook fried Mee Hoon during lunch time, from economic fried beehoon, simple Hokkien fried mee hoon, Tom Yum fried mee hoon, Mee Siam and this yummy and spicy Malay style of fried mee hoon.

Best to enjoy with Barley drink to cool down our body..

 This pounded ikan bilis paste made the fried meehoon so aromatic!

I used homemade chili paste that i have cooked till oil split and long hours. If you just use dried chili paste or store bought chili paste, then you have to fry the chili paste longer a bit. I am re-post this basic chili paste recipe from my IG account in here.

Basic chili paste ???
60g dried red chili, soak with hot water for 10mins
 100g shallots
 20g garlic
 10g ginger
 1cup cooking oil
Method1. Blend all ingredients except cooking oil with some water till fine paste 2. Heated a wok over medium heat, pour in blended chili paste and stir till water evaporates.3. Add in cooking oil, stir well over low heat .4. Keep stirring till oil split , the paste will turn darker red and light , took about 35mins. 5. Keep in a clean jar, and let it completely cool down then store in the fridge .

Malay Style Spicy Mee Hoon Goreng???????*serve 4-5pax
300g Mee Hoon / rice vermicelli, soak in water for 15mins½ onion, sliced100g fresh prawns60g chicken meat100g cabbage, sliced50g carrot, julienned 40g Chinese chives2tbsp chili paste ( I used homemade chili paste)2tbsp oyster sauce2tbsp Kicap manis1tsp salt or to taste1tsp sugar

Use mortar and pestle pound to paste2 shallots, sliced2 garlic, sliced20g ikan bilis / anchovies , washed
Garnishing with-fried shallots and red chili
Method1.      Heat cooking oil in a wok. Saute onions till slightly golden brown and aromatic.2.      Add in pounded ikan bilis paste, stir fry till aroma. Then add in chili paste (I used homemade chili paste which has already cooked longer time), stir to mix well. If you are using raw blended dr...