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Microwave Milo Mug Cake - 2 Recipes

I always love easy recipes, and fast, and delicious. Mug cake is one of them. Hence my interest when I found this 3 minutes milo mug cake

Believe it or not, I failed in my first try! I was so pissed I threw that recipe aside and started looking for another. So I found one and I made it the next day, and it turned out well
But I was still curious about the first recipe so I gave that another try, on the very same day, and guess what, it turned out well, too, and it's in fact, better than the other recipe haha..

When I read both recipes, it's in fact very clearly shown which one will gives better result
And when I gave a thought again what actually caused me to fail, it's either because of the gluten free flour I used, or because of me opening the microwave door to check every single minute during baking, or both are the culprit!

Anyway, I am now sharing both recipes. You may choose according to your preference

First recipe is from The Open Oven
This gives a pretty soft cake when eaten warm from the microwave, but it's dense when cool and rather chewy. It will turn soft again when warmed up
  What you need:(1 serving) 1 tbsp melted butter2 tbsp milo powder1 tbsp sugar2 tbsp self raising flour (original recipe used plain flour)1/2 part of 1 lightly beaten eggtiny pinch of salt Method:When the melted butter is still hot, mix in milo and sugar, stir well til no lumpsAdd in egg, salt and flour, mix wellMicrowave for 1 1/2 min (600w). When the skewer comes out clean, it's ready Sprinkle with more Milo powder makes the cake even more milo-ey, if there's such word LOL   The second recipe is actually the first recipe I tried and failed. Second try was a success and personally I prefer this recipe. It is from HERE

  What you need:(1 serving for a large mug) 4 tbsp milo powder3 tbsp sugar (original recipe used 4tbsp)4 tbsp self raising flour4 tbsp oil (I used rice bran)4 tbsp fresh milk1 egg&nb...
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