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One Pan Baked Lemon & Dill Chicken and Potatoes

I am SO PUMPED. You know why" Because we leave for Lake Powell tomorrow morning! This will be my fourth trip to Lake Powell with my husband. The first year, we were dabbling in dating. The second year, we really sucked at dating. The third year, we had our sh*t together and were living together. And now, we are married and really love the crap out of each other. It’s funny to read my previous blog posts about Lake Powell and not only watch how the trip changed as we age, but how our relationship blossomed from a sh*tshow to an actual marriage. Romantic. Kind of. Not really. You know what’s really weird to see" My friends start to go through divorce. I have a pretty large group of friends in their late 30’s and a handful of them are starting to cut the cord in their marriage. And it’s weird to witness. I don’t think anyone (at least I hope not) goes into marriage thinking it will end. I know I sure AF didn’t marry my husband thinking one day I might call it quits. I married him thinking I would stick it out no matter what. But doesn’t everyone think that" And 50% of marriages end in divorce. So scary. I like to think that me and my husband will just live in wedded bliss until the day we both die, holding each other, The Notebook style. Totally rational. Speaking of rational love, how do you feel about the new Bachelor" His name is Arie and he’s from Emily’s season in 2012. Where was I in 2012" I sure as hell wasn’t wasting my life watching The Bachelor. At that point in my life, I was putting myself in adrenal fatigue with all the working out I was doing while spending most of my free time stealing “samples” from the bulk section at Whole Foods. I had absolutely NO TIME for Bachelor nation. So now I have no connection with Arie and I could care less about watching his season. I’ll still watch it, don’t get me wrong. If my husband gets to waste his life watching football, I can waste mine watching fake love. Speaking of football season, I need to pat myself on the back for not spinning into pit of despair now that football is on and I’ve lost all my connections with the outside world. The only person I can really count on to hate football with me is my sister-in-law. So we spend our Sundays getting brunch and ignoring the games that are on. And usually when football starts up, my husband and I have to go through a period of figuring out how I’m going to get through the season without moving out. Luckily this season I’m pretty calm about it all. Maybe I’m just growing up. Or maybe I just know I’m about to be product AF when football is on all day long. I even told him that he could have his friends over and I could make snacks and drinks for them. I don’t know who I am but I’m proud of myself. It’s the little things, ya know" One Pan Baked Lemon & Dill Chicken and...


Mango & Chicken Rice Salad

28-11-2015 03:38 - ( recipes )
Fried Battered Apple Rings

Learning How to Budget w/ The School of Betty – Episode 74: PaleOMG Uncensored Podcast

Today on the podcast, I’m chatting with Brianna Firestone of The School of Betty. Brianna shares her experience about not shopping for a year and how that changed her life and led her to create The School of Betty to help others change their own...
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Tart Cherry & Pomegranate Curd PLUS a Giveaway!

I was recently sent two bottles of R.W. Knudsen Family Just Juice – Just Tart Cherry and Just Pomegranate. I have been a fan of R.W. Knudsen Family juices since I first tried them years ago. Their juices are always delicious, have no...
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Best Ever Mac and Cheese

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Greek Seven Layer Dip

Forget the classic seven layer bean dip, who needs that when you’ve got this incredibly fresh and utterly delicious Seven Layer Greek Dip! This dip begins with a layer of ...
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The Best Low-Sugar Strawberry Freezer Jam {Video How-To!}

This is hands down the best recipe for no-cook strawberry freezer jam ever! Bonus: you can use a lot less sugar than conventional freezer jams…or even use honey! The taste is so fresh and delicious; it’s incredible! Disclaimer: this post...
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French Onion Chicken Sandwiches

One of my favourite things to get when we are eating out is a Chicken Sandwich or Burger.   Yes, I know  . . .  we eat chicken all the time at home, and dollars to donuts I eat it again when we are out and about.  I am just a boring person I...
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A FREE Bottle of Organic Coconut Aminos?Just for You!

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Spicy Chicken Breasts

I made these chicken breasts to use in my lunches this week. I decided to do a spicy dry rub to give the chicken extra flavor. I cooked them simply in my skillet on the stove top and only used cooking spray to keep them healthier but you can use...
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Banana Split Lush

This Banana Split Lush recipe from Melissa’s Southern Style Kitchen is one of those luscious layer desserts that are always a big hit and a true crowd pleaser at any party! It’s easy to make, serve and eat! Seriously, who doesn’t droll at...
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Homemade Marinara Sauce

What does summer really mean" If your lucky it means you have an abundance of fresh basil growing in your garden so you need to find lots and lots of ...
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Light and Fluffy Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

Take cinnamon rolls up a notch with these perfect-for-fall pumpkin cinnamon rolls. So fluffy and delicious with just the perfect hint of pumpkin spice! Ever since I hopped on Facebook Live to talk about all things cinnamon rolls, I’ve been...
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Nerdy Nummies!

I was recently sent a new cookbook to review,  The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook, written by Rosanna Pansino, the creator and host of the most popular baking show on youtube.  The Nerdy Nummies is quirky, charming and fun, featuring the recipes behind...
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