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Pearl Onion & Mushroom Herb Frittata

I’m extremely upset right now. We record The Bachelor every Monday night so we can just fast forward through the commercials and get to the good stuff. But something happened with our recording from last night and we only can see Corrine getting the boot, but we can’t hear ANYTHING she says in the limo when she’s leaving. What the hell am I suppose to do with that, ABC"! I’ve even tried to watch her goodbye online but b*tch ain’t got time for that! And the whole time, while watching this silent film, you can tell she’s not truly upset. She tries to fake it, but I swear on my childhood cat’s grave, she was giggling through some of those tears. RIP Shamus.
But let’s start from the beginning. Nick hears a knock at the door and his old lover Andy, who dumped him on national television, is standing in the doorway (in extremely cute booties, FYI). They have an awkward chat while sipping on whiskey. In my opinion, and I know people will fight me on this one, women who fake enjoying whiskey are quite annoying. Now don’t come at me saying YOU enjoy whiskey. Because you’re a liar. And I won’t believe you. But if you do enjoy whiskey, you are gross. It tastes like what I imagine hell to taste like. Anyways, they hash their boring sh*t out while the producers act like the women are waiting in the NYC freezing temperatures at the rose ceremony. WHY do they insist on having rose ceremonies outside ONLY in the freezing cold" Is it so the women don’t completely lose their sh*t when they are forced to go home, simply because they just want to get in a warm car" It looks so incredibly awful. So Corrine goes home finally and she lets out a few loud crying wails before she goes into angry mode. I wish I could speak more on this subject. Ok, so the last three go to Finland and Raven has the first date. They ride around in some helicopter but the producers decide that they should show us the exciting part of the date – playing darts in a pub. You came all the way to Finland to play darts" Are you kidding me" Raven tells Nick that she’s nervous for all of this and he gives her the response, “Why are you nervous"” Oh I don’t know, Nick, because I might bang you on national television then you go on to dump me for someone else!!!! Why should anyone feel nervous in that position" Speaking of positions, Raven really gave us an earful about her sexual encounters. And once she opened up about only having sex with 1 person and never having an orgasm…she just kept talking about it. I wonder how the producers pulled that out of her or if she was just so sleep deprived from the entire experience that she just let that secret go" She really put it out there, especially to Nick, that she was expecting an orgasm. Girl knows what she wants. Intense. Very intense.
The end of the night is spent with Nick in a turtleneck, mumbling his wor...



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The Shower: Afton?s Story, Part Seven

Bajra Adai

Millets are power houses of nutrition, fibre and overall good health. Here\'s a twist to the traditional Adai, using the Pearl millet or Bajra. There is another variation listed on my blog, that is made with Finger Millet or Ragi, that you can...
12-10-2015 03:33 - ( recipes )
The Shower: Afton?s Story, Part Seven

5 Reasons It’s Too Damn Early for Pumpkin Spice Anything

We’ve been in denial for a few days here at the office. Slowly, boxes have arrived. Some of them are timely, relevant, and exciting. Back to school supplies! Backpacks! Lunch boxes! The nerds in us squeaked with glee. Then we got the box, the one...
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The Shower: Afton?s Story, Part Seven

Strawberry Cheesecake Brownies

27-03-2017 16:06 - ( recipes )
The Shower: Afton?s Story, Part Seven

French Onion Chicken Sandwiches

One of my favourite things to get when we are eating out is a Chicken Sandwich or Burger.   Yes, I know  . . .  we eat chicken all the time at home, and dollars to donuts I eat it again when we are out and about.  I am just a boring person I...
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The Shower: Afton?s Story, Part Seven

Leftover Dal Roti Recipe - Missi Roti Recipe - Dal ki Roti Recipe

Whenever i make dal, there will be leftovers, atleast a little. I dont like to reheat dal and eat it nextday. Instead i add some wheat flour to it and make some rotis to have with tea or for lunch. Tasty, healthy and nothing gets wasted..Similar...
19-11-2015 03:44 - ( recipes )
The Shower: Afton?s Story, Part Seven

Garlic Knots

Garlic Knots-these buttery and cheesy garlic knots are fun and easy to make at home!  My boys love pizza, they would probably eat pizza every night if I let them plan our meals. To make them happy, we try to have homemade pizza twice a month....
20-10-2015 03:39 - ( recipes )
The Shower: Afton?s Story, Part Seven

4 Reasons Steamed Mussels Should be Your Go-To Dish for Easier Entertaining

If you’ve ever met me, you probably know my favorite meal is steamed mussels. Actually, I should probably say, petite steamed bivalves. Because I can definitely get down with some steamed clams too.   Coconut and Basil Steamed Mussels   1....
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The Shower: Afton?s Story, Part Seven

Baileys Chocolate Brownie Trifle

These Baileys Chocolate Brownie Trifles from Bake Play Smile are filled with a rich chocolate brownie, vanilla custard, whipped cream, Baileys Irish Cream, chocolate custard, and a salted caramel sauce to give it an amazing salty sweet flavor. If...
10-01-2017 03:39 - ( recipes )
The Shower: Afton?s Story, Part Seven

Nerdy Nummies!

I was recently sent a new cookbook to review,  The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook, written by Rosanna Pansino, the creator and host of the most popular baking show on youtube.  The Nerdy Nummies is quirky, charming and fun, featuring the recipes behind...
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The Shower: Afton?s Story, Part Seven

How to Cook Brown Rice - Absorption Method

I have recently started including brown rice in my diet. I dont like brown rice before, but when hubby and me started diet, we have strictly avoided rice, but when we feel like having rice, this is the rice which i prefer to use. I bought this...
21-10-2015 03:43 - ( recipes )
The Shower: Afton?s Story, Part Seven

Leggings That Will Change Your Life…And Your Workout!

I’m always looking for new activewear that makes my workout not only more enjoyable, but more effective. The last thing I want to do is to be pulling up my leggings during a workout or feel like I can’t move and breathe. And there is finally a...
31-03-2017 16:05 - ( recipes )
The Shower: Afton?s Story, Part Seven

Mini Cherry Cheesecakes

While grocery shopping this week, my daughter grabbed a can of cherry pie filling and asked if I could make something using it. After doing sone research online, I found a mini cheesecake recipe that looked perfect over at Chef Savvy. I decided to...
28-04-2016 03:35 - ( recipes )