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Perfectly Baked Chicken Breasts

 We were talking the other day, as you do and we both remarked on how tasteless ordinary chicken has gotten. You might as well be eating a piece of paper for the amount of flavour it has.  It only tastes like whatever you put with it.  I told Todd that I thought free range, corn fed chicken had lots of flavour, and so I picked up a couple of free range, corn fed chicken breasts to put my theory to the test.

They, of course, cost twice as much as regular chicken.  It is probably worth it in the end.  I can remember when I was a girl, we hardly ever ate chicken.  It was considered a real treat for us to have some chicken for supper. Now it is considered one of the cheaper sources of protein, but the higher availability and lower price tag has probably come at a huge cost to animal welfare practices.

And of course it also means that our chicken has had most of the flavour bred out of it because it is produced on an enormous, almost factory scale, on farms where the birds rarely see the light of day, or have a chance to exercise their muscles . . .  an almost "concentration-camp" type of production.
When I really think about that  . . .  I am not sure I want to be eating that.  I think I would rather eat less of it and have it taste better and know that at least the meat I am eating had a half decent life.

 I chose to cook the organic free range corn-fed chicken breasts I had bought in the simplest manner, that I could so that we could really test the flavour of them.  I simply rubbed them with oil and spices, and then roasted them at a high temperature for a short period of time.

The end result was a piece of chicken that was moist and tender  . . .  and well flavoured.  Corn-fed really does taste much better, as does free-range organic.  This makes sense really when you consider that regular chicken has very low standards of production whilst organic, free range and corn-f...