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Pinwheel Sandwich - Vegetable Cheese Pinwheel Sandwich (No Cook Sandwich)

Pinwheel Sandwich is an Easy kids friendly no Cook Sandwich Recipe.It is spreaded with butter,Green Chutney & tomato chilli Sauce  & stuffed with Grated Carrot,finely Chopped Capsicum & Cheese. you can make for kids parties,also Pack for school Snacks or lunch box. kids love pinwheel shape & stuffing colour of sandwich like white,Green & Orange.We can also have it for breakfast too.

Pinwheel Sandwich Prep Time : 10 min. 
Cook Time :NilRecipe Category:No fire Recipe & kids friendly Recipeyield :8 Pinwheels. 

Bread - 6 slices(brown,wheat,white or Multigrain)butter - 2 tsp.Green Chutney - 4 tsp.Tomato Chilli Sauce - 2 tsp.Carrot - 1/2Capsicum - 1/4.Cheese - 2 slice.


Prepare Green chutney.
Grate the carrot.
Finely chop Capsicum.

Take 3 bread slices & cut the Edges.Roll Each bread slices ,as thin as Possible using Rolling Pin  for easy Rolling.Now spread 1 tsp of butter,Sauce & 2 tsp of Green chutney on each of 3  bread Slices,as shown in the Picture.                  
Now start Assembling the bread slices. Take butter slice,place Green chutney slice over it, then place cheese slice , then place  Sauce bread slice.Finally add Grated carrot & finely chopped Capsicum on top of it, as shown in the picture.Gently roll the bread slices tightly as shown in the Picture.cut into 1 inch piece Slice.
Now Pinwheel Sandwiches are Ready for birthday parties or kids lunchbox or Snacks box.Notes
you can replace carrot with beetroot also.Adding Capsicum gives crunchiness to the sandwich.Adding Green chutney increases the taste of can replace tomato chilli sauce with tomato sauce or ketchup.

Source: Vysyas recipes