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'Podvarak'- Balkan Way of preparing Sauerkraut

My boys say 'Podvarak' is the only thing my mother makes better than me..We LOVE it! It doesn't taste more delicious anywhere else; my mum's Podvarak is the best. Lucky, I'm going to have it very soon, as I intend to visit Bosnia in a few weeks.
For Podvarak you need to have fermented cabbage (Sauerkraut). In many Balkan countries, in late winter, large quantities of sauerkraut is prepared  for winter. For recipe see here; it is a natural, easy way of preserving cabbage (it just need some time for fermenting).

3-4 tbs lard ( or oil)
1-2 onions, chopped
1 sauerkraut head ( sliced)
100 -150 g chopped bacon (smoked preferably - optional)
1 tbs paprika
white pepper, to taste
Meat, ..best to use smoked pork, but also carp, chicken (drumsticks), duck, sausages - Kransky or Chorizo)

Method:Heat lard in a large pan; sautee onion and bacon. Add sliced sauerkraut (rinse if too salty) and other ingredients (except meat). Cook stirring, until most moisture evaporates. Transfer to a baking pan, place meat on top and place into oven (180*C). Cook until meat done. Serve while warm. 

Moji djecaci kazu, da je Podvarak jedino jelo koje moja mama bolje pravi od mene... Obozavamo ga! Nigdje nije tako ukusan; podvrak moje mame je najbolji. Sretna sam da cu ga uskoro ponovo jesti, obzirom da letim za Bosnu za par sedmica.
Za podvarak trebamo kiseli kupus (kod nas je obavezan kao zimnica; odlican prirodan nacin za 
'konzerviranje'. Fermentirana hrana je jako zdrava.
Recept za kiseljenje pogledati ovdje

3-4 K masti (ili ulja)1-2 crvena luka, isjeckana1 glavica kiselog kupusa, isjeckanog100-150 gr sjeckane slanine (dimljene -opciono)1 K crvene paprike (prah)bijeli biber, prema ukusuMeso,..najbolje dimljena svinjetina, ali moze i piletina, patka, som, kobasice (Kranjskee ili Chorizo)
Zagrijte mast u vecoj posudi. Proprzite luk i slaninu. Ubacite kupus i ostale satojke (osim mesa); przite i mijesajte dok vecina tecnosti ne ispari. Prebacite kupus u tepsiju, postavite meso po povrsini i ubacite u rernu (180*C). Pecite dok meso ne bude gotovo; sluzite toplo.

URL: http://jasnaskitchencreations.blogspot.com


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