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Russian Cream with Berries

You know you’ve been blogging a long time when you make a dessert (after rave reviews from a friend who basically says if you don’t make it, you’re life will be sad, lonely and incomplete), love it, and declare it the best thing you’ve eaten in your whole life only to start a post about it and realize through a boring chain of investigative events that you actually posted pretty much an identical recipe seven years ago…and apparently loved it equally as much back then although you literally have no memory of the event.
Which leaves me wondering:

Who am I and am I actually in a real, life episode of the X-files"

Or has my sleep-deprived and totally overworked and underpaid brain finally bailed on me" Left me hanging and looking half-crazy"

Actually, don’t answer the crazy part.

How have I managed to live a worthwhile life the last half-decade having totally forgotten about a life-changing dessert I once told you about"

Seriously. I don’t know what to believe anymore.
I should be fired from blogging. And life. But not cream. Not Russian cream. Or Berries and Cream. Or cream, cream, cream. I will never again forget about rich and creamy desserts if it’s the last thing I do (and it may be).

So. In summary, this dessert is pretty as can be and ridiculously delicious. And so easy, you’ll wonder where all the extra steps are (I promise, I didn’t forget to include them – they just don’t exist). A bit softer, sweeter and slightly creamier than fancy-pants panna cotta (which usually doesn’t include sour cream), this Russian Cream is luscious and so very yummy. And if you’ve been making the Berries and Cream and loving every bite and taste these last seven years, then I’m genuinely very happy for you. For the rest of us, let us come together over Russian Cream and pretend we haven’t been missing out.

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