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Steakhouse Steak & chips

I have oftimes toyed with the idea of becoming a Vegetarian. I could quite happily live on nothing but grains, fruit, legumes and veg with the exception of one thing . . . a good steak.  I would dearly miss having a good steak. A perfectly cooked steak is one of my many weaknesses! 

 I used to love to go to places like the Ponderosa and Bonanza steak houses back home, where you could get a steak perfectly cooked to your preference (mine is medium rare) along with your desired accompaniments. I would always have a baked potato, as well as mushrooms and onions.  It was always really good.  They knew how to cook steak.

Worst steak I have ever eaten was from a place called Buffalo Grill in France.  It is a chain of restaurants and Todd and I both had gastroenteritis the morning after, with the thing being in common that we had both had steaks for dinner there the night before.  Both medium rare.  Or at least they were supposed to be. 
They were so rare that they practically mooed when you stuck a fork in them. We ate them because we don't like to complain in restaurants and they were expensive.  I also have never trusted that the chef won't spit on my steak if I complain and return something, and so I just err on the side of caution and shut up and eat it.

This steak here today is perfectly pan grilled to medium rare, especially if you follow my directions and use a steak which is the exact thickness that I have described.  Nothing fancy needed, just salt and black pepper.  And a nice hot pan.

This simple parsley chimichurri sauce is beautiful  So simple to make as well.  Just blitz the ingredients in a food processor and Bob's your uncle. Fresh parsley, vinegar, olive oil, red onion, seasonings and crushed chili flakes.  Beautiful.  I have a mini food processor which in all honesty I use far more often than I do the large one.  If you don't have one, I highly recom...