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Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

This best-ever strawberry rhubarb pie is filled to brimming with juicy, sweet strawberries, tart rhubarb, and the most delectable, buttery streusel topping. It’s my favorite summer pie!

I wait for rhubarb season all year long just to make this pie. There is no question about it being my most favorite summer pie by a landslide.
No competition.
Years ago when we lived in Wisconsin, sadly without a rhubarb plant anywhere in our yard, I cozied up to my new neighbors for months, just in the off-chance I might be able to hint at “borrowing” some rhubarb.
They were kind enough to let me continue to borrow while we lived there…and actually managed to become wonderful friends despite my habit of literally using up every stalk on their rhubarb plant.
Fast forward to our time in Minnesota and we landed on property that held over 15 rhubarb plants!
Seriously, we were swimming in rhubarb. I even made rhubarb jam once to try and use it up (not the best jam ever, unfortunately).

I remember giving wagon loads of rhubarb away to people at church. And by giving away, I mean, I loaded up their trunks stealthily during the Sunday School hour before sneaking back into church.
Now, here in Idaho, I’m back to being rhubarb deprived.
We finally planted a rhubarb start last year and got a few puny stalks this year; I’m spending lots of time outside speaking loving, positive words to my rhubarb plant.
Grow, grow, GROW, dang it!
Of course I have a few much-loved rhubarb recipes that spur along my obsession.
This Rhubarb Streusel Cake with Warm Vanilla Sauce is insanely delicious (have you made it").
And these Brown Sugar Rhubarb Muffins are tasty, tasty.
But by far, my most favorite thing to make with fresh rhubarb is this strawberry rhubarb pie.

Filled to brimming with juicy, sweet strawberries and tart rhubarb, it is uncomplicated and perfect.
And every time I make it, I think that all pies should here on out and forever be topped with a buttery, ...