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Swedish Meatballs

Believe it or not I have only ever been to Ikea once in my whole life.   I went with a couple of mates to the one in Warrington a couple of years back.  I do have lots of furniture in my house from Ikea, but it was all delivered.  The one time I did go, I had to try their Swedish Meatballs.   I had heard so much about them, and they were pretty good, but I have to say . . .  they weren't as good as my homemade ones.


This is a mix of trial and error which began with a recipe from the Fannie Farmer Cookbook back in 1979.   This was my base and throughout the years I have tweaked the recipe here and there and this is my final version and the one that I use all the time now.

The end result is tender and flavourful meatballs . . .  a mix of beef and pork and spices . . . whole wheat bread crumbs . . .


Browned and then simmered in a simple gravy in the oven, which is enriched during the final fifteen minutes of baking with some rich cream . . .
The gravy alone is to die for.  And there's plenty of it.   Can you ever have too much gravy"

I think not.    Mmmmm . . .  moist, tender, flavourful meatballs . . .  rich creamy gravy . . .  served atop a nice pile of buttery noodles.


Of course Todd always has his with potatoes, which works well also.   I hope you will give them a go.   I would be surprised if you didn't think these were the best Swedish Meatballs ever.

*Swedish Meatballs and Gravy*Serves 4-6Printable Recipe 
Delicious meatballs in a fabulously rich gravy.   So tasty!  Apologies to Ikea, but I think these are better.  Delicious with noodles. 
For the meatballs:
3/4 pound of ground beef (I like to use extra lean)1/2 pound ground pork3 slices of whole wheat bread, crusts removed and made into crumbs1 large free range egg, beaten lightly1 tsp sugar3/4 tsp ground allspice3/4 tsp ground nutmeg1/...
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