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Thanksgiving Recipes Week: French Fried Onions & Green Bean Casserole

Check back for a daily dose of Thanksgiving recipes all this week - it's a digital feast at the Cheap$kate Chateau!

Nothing is fresh in my latest cheapie recipe, and I'm proud of it! Yeah that's right, The 99 Cent Chef's latest dish comes straight from the Mad Men cable tv series holiday dinner table -- I'm talking 1960's Betty Crocker Cookbook can opener cuisine here. And involves the same amount of cooking skill as defrosting a Swanson Frozen TV Dinner. This is classic casserole comfort food that will fit perfectly on your Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving table -- an heirloom recipe to continue handing down.
All you need is a warm oven and a baking dish. And it's so easy to make you could do it blindfolded while nursing a martini.

Serve my French Fried Onions & Green Bean Casserole flanked by sliced turkey with stuffing, and cool cranberry sauce. This creamy soul-soothing veggie side is over the top in tastiness.

And all the ingredients are on sale for the holidays at any grocery store. French fried onions are a decadent topping -- while canned green beans are boring, until you mix in a can of Campbell's Mushroom Soup. *For a 21 Century version, use  fresh green beans that are on sale for a dollar per pound from now until Christmas.
I look forward to a French Fried Onions & Green Bean Casserole every November. I first had it at my in-laws Thanksgiving table; and now my mother-in-law is generous enough to share her recipe (from a brittle, yellowing magazine clip). I hand it over to you, my special holiday visitors, for safe-keeping. Enjoy.

2 cans of green beans, drained - I used "French Cut", any type will do. 1 can of mushroom soup - or any "cream" soup you like.1/2 "soup can" of water - Directions call for a full can of water, but I found it gets too watery.1 package of French Fried Onions - or from a can.Pepper to taste - I find there is plenty of salt in the packaged ingredients.