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The Manliest Breakfast Burger

Each Saturday morning my Mom and I grab breakfast and discuss upcoming recipes we would like to create. Our standing meeting started off simply grabbing a table at Starbucks, but has quickly evolved into seeking new and popular brunch spots in search of inspiration for our blog. One of our recent meetings was at the American Taproom, a local bar/restaurant that has a great Brunch menu, including the inspiration for The Manliest Breakfast Burger.

Enough backstory, let?s get on with this masterpiece. We start out with a toasted croissant cut in half, pile on Spicy Hash Browns, black forest bacon, the juiciest burger patty, white cheddar cheese, and finally an over easy egg. As you can see, this behemoth is plenty of food for two people or one manly sized appetite. If you check out the restaurant?s version you see that they use Texas Toast instead of a croissant, don?t add cheese and use a hollandaise sauce instead. I personally prefer the version I created; I attempted a quick hollandaise but it didn?t turn out the best and really didn?t add anything.
This dish is perfect before heading out into the winter chill for your weekend activities. The Spicy Hash Browns and crisp croissant do an excellent job of soaking up the juice from the burger and the egg?s runny yolk. The cheese adds a much appreciated creaminess to the dish, and why add bacon you may ask" Because everything is better with bacon.
After devouring this monster for breakfast I would recommend something on the lighter side for dinner, such as our amazing Chinese Chicken Salad. Please make sure and comment below if you enjoyed this recipe.

The Manliest Breakfast Burger   Save Print Prep time 25 mins Cook time 30 mins Total time 55 mins   Author: Brandon Recipe type: Breakfast Cuisine: American Serves: 6 servings Ingredients 1 recipe Spicy Hash Browns 12 pieces bacon 6 hamburger patties (ground sirloin and/or chuck) 6 Croissants 6 eggs Perfect Eggs Over Easy Recipe ...
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