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This eating season – Let’s go local

If you ask me, I am very choosy about what I eat, especially if my family is with me .Being a hygienic kind of a person , I prefer going out to clean places where quality of food is maintained. I have been to USA for more then six years and just back to my own country and if I take a look around the eateries, I can see that my city “Thane” is changed a lot in terms of road side “Dhabas”. The variety of food is increased. Quality wise too, you get to visit good places where they maintain cleanliness.

As we were exploring our own city Thane, while picking up our son from school, I was just craving for street food and we found out a place called “Gaurav sweets”. I was pretty impressed by the way people are serving in this place. They have clean uniforms , cover their hair and wear gloves. That’s what I was expecting. And not to mention, they use disposable plates which I always look for when I visit these roadside “dhabas”. Last week we bought fresh Jalebis from there got over within 2 days. Yesterday my hubby bought another packet of jalebis.





 One of their speciality is , they serve tea in Earthern tea cups which is my favorite. We ordered masala tea and kachori there. Not to say, both were just scrumptious.










Kachori is one of my all time favorite Indian street food and you must visit “Gaurav” to enjoy them. They are served with yogurt sauce with lots of onions and sweet and sour chutney. All in all loved their food and presentation. And thats my son towards right enjoying his Kachori.





Many times we wonder where to look for local street food places near you specially if you are craving for something like “Bhajiyas” in these rainy days, or a hot cup of “Masala chai”.“Nouns App” have made our life little ...
Source: Poojas Cookery