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Unni Appam - Kerala onam sadya recipe - Kerala Unni Appam

Unni Appam is a Popular Kerala Recipe made with Rice,Jaggery & banana. Rice & jaggery when blended with banana,  fried coconut & sesame tastes divine. In Malayalam, unni means small and appam means rice cake.Unni appam is a variation of Nei Appam. In unni appam we use banana &  fried sesame seeds & coconut bites, which gives extra taste and crunchiness to Appam.Appam we get also be very fluffy. Now we learn the procedure of Unni Appam.

Unni  Appam Recipe  Prep Time : 20  min. 
Cook Time :5 - 7 minutes for each cycle. Recipe Category:Festival RecipeYield  :  25. 

Ingredients Raw Rice - 1 cup.
Jaggery - 1 cup (heaped).
Baking Soda -  a Generous  pinch.
Ghee - as needed. 
black sesame seeds - 1/2 tsp.
Coconut bits - 3 tbsp.
banana  - 2.


Soak the Raw rice for  minimum 3 hrs in water or over night. before making unni Appam fry coconut bits in a 1/2 tsp of ghee, keep it aside.Roast sesame seeds in a 1/2  ghee then keep it aside. Method

Grind Raw rice  with little water, to a thick paste.Allow it to ferment for minimum 3 hrs.
 Melt the jaggery with little  water. when  it is melted completely, filter it  and add it to ground batter.mix well.  Add fried coconut bits,  roasted sesame seeds, baking soda and finely chopped bananas to batter. Mix well. Now batter is ready.  
Appam Preparation
Heat the paniyaram pan, when it is hot, spoon it with ghee. Then spoon it with batter, in each partition. When it is cooked on one side, you get some holes in paniyaram, then you can flip it with skewer, or spoon or knife.cook in low flame.
Cook for few minutes, till paniyaram(ponganalu) turns golden brown. Then remove from pan.Now Unni  appam is ready for Onam Sadya.Notes
Add very little water, to melt jaggery.Consistency of the batter should be little thick, to get good shape.Adding coconut bits & bananas gives  extra taste to Unni Appam.Ferment the batter for 3 - 4 hrs to get soft & fluffy  Appam. 

Source: Vysyas recipes
URL: http://www.vysyasrecipes.com


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