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Warm Smoky Bacon Couscous Salad

This post is a recipe for Warm Smoky Bacon Couscous Salad. I am constantly looking for new things to have for work lunches, especially now my husband regularly works away and needs a packed lunch to take with him. I am very into couscous right now, because it feels summery and a bit lighter than pasta.

The key thing with couscous is that, like many grains, you need to add lots of flavour to really make it work. It can be terribly bland otherwise. I wanted to add smoky flavours to this and serve it as a warm salad, so I added smoky bacon and smoked paprika along with fresh tomatoes. The sweetness of the tomatoes went really well with the smokiness of the bacon.  It's lovely warm, served fresh from the pan, but my husband liked it cold as well. As with most grains, make sure you cool this quickly to be safe, and then keep cool. If you do that, it will be safe to reheat later.
This recipe is Slimming World Friendly if you use bacon medallions and spray oil to cook the bacon.

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