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Bacon & Cheese Panini

A friend of mine on Instagram posted a ham and cheese panini on her feed the other day and it looked amazingly delicious.  I thought it was bacon, but she said no, ham . . . it looked sooooooo good! I have been thinking about it ever since   . . .  except in my mind it was bacon, not ham  . . . I do so love the occasional bacon sandwich. 

Back in my early days here in the UK, Todd and I worked together at a BP service station that had a cafe attached.  They sold tons of bacon, sausage, as well as  bacon & sausage baguettes every morning.  You would see the same guys buying them every day. 

I was always mystified by the draw of them.  They used the cheapest nastiest bacon and sausages.  You should have seen the grease in the bottom of the warming cabinet that would have to be cleaned out at the end of every day.  Blech!  Blech!  Blech! 
I only like to use a good quality bacon in my sandwiches . . .  and I am not fond of sausage in sandwiches at all.  (I am not sure why.)    

There has been a lot on the news lately about the higher incidence of bowel cancer in people who eat processed meats every day. I often wonder about those builders that were coming in every day and  filling up on that cheap and nasty stuff.  I recently discovered Finnebrogue Naked Bacon, which is made without any nitrites and artificial additiv...


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