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Bombay Karachi Halwa - Cornflour Halwa

Bombay Karachi Halwa is an Easy & Quick  Halwa Recipe made with Cornflour,Sugar & Ghee.This Halwa can be made in Jiffy. This Sweet can be made during Diwali & Navratri. Traditional Colour of this sweet is Orange,Red & yellow. I have used Orange Colour.Another speciality of this Halwa is, it requires very less Ghee to make this Halwa.Even the beginners can try this Halwa.

Bombay Karachi Halwa Prep Time :  5   min. 
Cook Time : 12 - 15 minutesRecipe Category:Easy SweetsRecipe Cusine:Indianyield:around 20 Pieces.

Cornflour - 1/2 cup.Ghee - 2 tbsp.Sugar - 1.5 cups.Water - 1.5 + 1Cashew nuts - 10.Almonds - 6.Cardomom Powder - a Generous Pinch.Food Colour - 2 Pinches.
Preparation. Chop Cashewnuts & Almonds.


Take a Mixing bowl, add cornflour,1 & 1/2 cups of water & food Colour. Whisk well without any lumps.In a Nonstick Pan or heavy bottomed kadai, add 1.5 cups of Sugar & 1 cup of water.Mix well.Allow it to cook, till the sugar Completely dissolves.It is not necessary to wait for any string Consistency.

When the sugar is Completely dissolved, add cornflour mixture. 
Keep the flame to medium low, keep on stirring till it gets glossy,shiny texture & also it turns thick.At this stage, add 2 tbsp of Ghee , chopped nuts & Carodomom Powder. keep on stirring till it leaves the sides of kadai & comes together as a whole Mass.
Now transfer the Halwa, to Ghee Greased plate.l...
Source: Vysyas recipes


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