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Kalyn's Kitchen Picks: Kirkland Protein Bars

Finding a protein bar that's really low in carbs and sugar can be a challenge, but I love these Kirkland Protein Bars from Costco!
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It's been quite a while since I've posted one of my Kalyn's Kitchen Picks, and if you're a new reader you might not have even heard of this once-in-a-while blog feature. For those who are new around here, Kalyn's Kitchen Picks the way I spotlight products I love. And you can always be sure that my picks are things I purchase myself and buy over and over.

Lately I've been finding quite a few low-carb products that end up being winners, so I'll be featuring some of them over the next little while! And this week I'm in sunny Palm Springs hanging out with some girlfriends, so obviously there's not much blog cooking going on and it seemed like a good time to tell you about these these tasty protein bars. Not that many products make the cut and become one of my picks, and even when I do like a product I don't feature it on the site until I've been buying it for a while. But with apologies to people who don't live near a Costco, I am currently smitten with these Kirkland Protein Bars! 
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