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Macaroon Loaf

I am sharing a lovely teatime treat with you today in the form of a beautiful sweet loaf cake!  This is a vanilla cake with a tasty almond macaroon filling.  NOM NOM NOM!
This is actually a recipe I have promised myself to bake since 1986!  It only took me thirty two years!  I can't believe that, but its true!  Why did I wait so long! 


The year is 1986 and I am a young mum, aged 31 with four children and a fifth one on the way.  I buy my very first store purchased baking book.  I have never owned a cookbook like this before.  I remember it being a bit of a bargain. Our local book shop used to have a table of books with prices cut every now and then.  This was on that table.
You all know of the fondness I have for red and white toadstools.  I bought this book on the strength of this recipe alone . . . Dainty Toadstools.  A vanilla sugar cookie topped with sweet cherries and blanched almonds, decorated to look toadstools.  I wanted to make them for my middle son's nursery school Christmas party. (This was before nut allergies, etc.)   I did make them, and they were a hit.

I have had this recipe for Macaroon Loaf flagged ever since.  The photo in the book looked incredibly delicious.  It was a bit faffy however, and I never quite got around to it.  It involved making a regular cake batter and then making an almond macaroon batter and then filli...


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