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Sheetpan Chicken Dinner

Sheet pan dinners have really taken off in recent months and that is not really surprising when you think about it.  Everything cooked on one pan at the same time.  What's not to like about that! 
They are especially popular for the smaller family, like mine.  There are only two of us and if I can throw everything onto a baking sheet and cook it all together, that's a real bonus.
The key to their success is making sure that everything is cut approximately the same size so that they cook in roughly the same time.  Take note that harder vegetables usually take a lot longer than softer ones.
Interestingly enough, although you might think that broccoli or cauliflower would cook faster than potatoes . . .  they don't!  In fact you will find that in roasting them like this, you get a crispy tender finish.  If that is not something you really like, then I would blanch them first.
The potatoes are perfectly cooked through with just a hint of caramelize edges . . .
The chicken breasts are perfectly cooked through so that they are not over done, or underdone.  They end up done just right . . .  tender and moist.
The mix of spices and herbs that you sprinkle over top, compliment everything, so each article although cooked the same and in the same time, come out tasting really nice.  I think its the cheese. Cheese automatically makes everything better in my books! I know&nbs...


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